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Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is an exciting field in which chemists gain understanding of how atoms and molecules interact. This understanding can be used to create new molecules that become medicine, provide energy for human activity, or provide means for the removal of hazardous materials, thereby meeting constantly changing human needs.

At Northwest Nazarene University, some Chemistry students choose to focus on biochemical or environmental chemistry as they prepare for these emerging and important fields after receiving their chemistry degree. All students are prepared for careers based on chemistry, in industry, research, academics, and forensics. The chemistry degree program at Northwest Nazarene University emphasizes the core disciplines of the field, provides experiences with modern instruments and laboratory techniques, and places students in faculty-mentored research projects. All this allows students to begin to participate in this field throughout their academic careers.

Potential Career Paths

  • Research Scientist
  • Forensic Chemist
  • Health Care Professional
  • Environmental Scientist
  • High School Science Teacher

>90% of NNU grads are accepted to professional graduate programs in the field of medicine (compared to the national average of <20% (U.S. News and World Reports)).